About Menzone
Menzone was founded in 2004 with the basic premise of offering men a private discrete option for their hair removal needs and quickly became known as experts in male waxing. The infamous back crack and sack, and male Brazilian are our speciality.

I now offer permanent hair reduction using state-of-the-art Candela Laser Hair Removal system.


About Bruce @ Chippendale
People often ask how I got into men's waxing and laser hair removal. It is, after all, a somewhat unusual occupation. And strangely enough, I don't seem to recall "bum waxer" being one of the options discussed with my career guidance counsellor in high-school!

I established Menzone in 2004, however my introduction to men's waxing started soon after puberty. Like most guys my initial attempts to "tame the forest down there" started with shaving, clipping and depilatory creams. Pretty quickly (and prickly) I ended up at my local Pharmacy buying DIY waxing kits because the earlier attempts were messy, ineffective, or the results were just too short lived. In the years that followed while I pursued a corporate career, my male genital waxing skills were honed on myself. And you can't get better training than that!

Originally I actually studied a Business Degree, and one of my first jobs post-university was as a product manager for a brand of depilatories that included retail & professional products sold in to beauty salons. As part of this role I was trained in waxing techniques as I had to demonstrate and train the Beauty Therapists utilizing our products.

Fast forward and after a 6 year stint in Senior Management, I was stressed to my eyeballs, miserable and in desperate need of a career and lifestyle change. So I sold the BMW, hung up the Armani suits and went off to the Australasian College of Natural Therapies to study Massage & Beauty Therapy.

Although by this stage I was already pretty skilled with a wax strip and could show a few things to even the most senior waxers, especially when it came to male pubic waxing.

Initially Menzone was established with a focus on massage & alternative health therapies, however my reputation as a skilled and professional waxing therapist grew quickly, and Menzone has become the leading male grooming studio for guys who are after a private, discrete alternative to the salon experience.